Tool lease

                     ABN Funnel Spray Gun with special disc V2A

        Features and Advantages

  • Speeds-up the covering of walls and ceillings with Japanese decor so per day it is possible to cover up to 100 sq.m.;
  • Firm plastic case and simple constraction guarantee a long lasting time;
  • It`s suites for spraying plaster and other building material.

              Oil-free diaphragm compressor ABN V-MEKO 400/W


         Features and Advantages

  • Oil-free, hence no oil changes, no disposal of used oil, no oil maintenance and no filtration expenses.
  • Clean, oil-free compressed air ideal for all lacquering, spraying, coating and plastering jobs.
  • Powerful, with an operating pressure of up to 6 bar and a suction rate of up to 360 l/min.
  • Compact and mobile, ideal for use on building sites and interior finishing, redevelopment and renovation projects.
  • Suitable for continuous duty – 100% on-load factor – and service-proven in non-stop operation.
  • Rugged, reliable and operationally safe.
  • Long-lasting and largely maintenance-free.
  • EC-prototype-tested by TÜV Süddeutschland.


             Hilti PD42 laser range meter


        Features and Advantages
  • Measuring distances of 0.05 m to 200 m with laser precision even under the toughest outdoor conditions;
  • Direct distance measurements, area, volume, Pythagoras and many more calculations;
    Measuring quickly and safely in places where access is difficult;
  • Only one person required for most measuring tasks, even in bright sunlight;
  • Graphical user interface with many functions;
  • Save highly accurate measurements in memory – no need to re-measure;
  • Safe and easy measurements with the help of a measuring extension in inaccessible areas. 


Technical data