The Product Specifications

Ingredients: Cotton and cotton fibers, flowers, mineral mica, ceramic
chips and natural adhesives.Properties: anti-static (will not attract dust), insulating, sound
absorbing, odour absorbing, ecological – chemical free, stain free,
minimal damage/easy repair, no joints and all this in a one coat
Applying Technique
Preparation of the surface.
a) All surfaces require a pre-coating before applying material.
Any acrylic or oil based primer can be used.
b) Make sure your primer provides a good even covering.
It is best when surfaces are white, without any unknown spots.Preparation of the material
a) Carefully mix through the dry content.
b) Add water according to instructions on the bag
c) Thoroughly mix material.
d) Leave to soak for 30 min.
e) Ready to use.Application. Material can be applied two ways:
a) For manual application use a rust free towel
b) By spraying device.
For application with the spraying device, we recommend using the trowel for smoothing afterwards.Drying time: 12-48 hours (depending on ventilation, temperature and humidity).Coverage: WALLDECOR - width – 4m2 per bag for spraying and 3-3,5 m2 with trowel. Thickness –1mm-4mm (depending on decor).