Operating Tools

ABN Drucklufttechnik compresors

    ABN diaphragm compressors are a genuine alternative to the piston compressor. The compactness and low weight of ABN V-MEKOs enable them to make the most of their special strengths in mobile service directly at the point of need. And thanks to ABN´s optimized diaphragm technology there are only a few moving parts. This means very little wear and a minimum of maintenance. ABN V-MEKOs are reliable and long-lasting. V-MEKO Oil-free compressor helps to cover Japanese material much faster and more efficiently.

CSR Gyprock broadknifes

    CSR Gyprock company is one of the biggest in construction section in Australia and has a 150 years of history. Gyprock provides and recomends a lot of operating tools which will help you to cover walls or ceillings with Japanese material. We are offering you various sizes of plastic broadknifes.